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 The Island is located in a peaceful community at Barangay Lipata,Padre Burgos, Quezon Province route going to the South,The name Borawan was given by a local resident as it's monicker, as the resort name implies it's a combination of the famous tourist destination Boracay Island, with it's White Sand like Beach and Palawanlike, with it's giant rock formations bound in this unique Resort. We started our operation in 2013 and continuously improving it's services for the benefit of our visitors. It is a three to four hours drive from Manila and 15 minutes boat ride to the island, not bad for those who are adventure seekers, We have new cottages with the capacity of 10 to 15 people. New bathrooms and shower rooms with fresh running water. You can cook / grill your own food, you can rent tents and a store where you can buy your drinks, food & other personal needs. It is a perfect getaway with friends, lovers and family with affordable prices. You will experience a cast away-like feeling, this is way out from the typical city's busy streets and noises. We wanted to be a part of your life's memorable experience. Showcasing the beauty of this Island Resort in the Quezon Province that will surely capture your heart. A truly rising tourist spot of the generation. People from walks of life,local or foreign gather here to culminate there outdoor adventure, experiencing in flesh what this Resort can offer. As we care about our visitors safety, a guard is there to assist you in terms of your security.

Borawan Island Resort is located on Pagbilao Chico Island a 15-minute boat ride from Padre Burgos (just outside Lucena, a 3-hour trip from Manila), Quezon Province.  It is in a secure and peaceful location in Barangay Lipata.

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